Fired Houston Anchor: I'm Being Persecuted

Former KRIV Anchor Scarlett Fakhar says she is being persecuted for her views on Donald Trump. 

Fakhar went on the far right website infowars and talked about being fired and FTVLive. 

Fakhar said that she worked at 3 other stations and most of the people in the newsroom were liberal. She also thinks that if she expressed positive views of Hillary Clinton, she would not have been fired. 

First of all, anyone that let's their political views known in the newsroom are also the ones that like Fakhar, do not understand what it means to be a Journalist. 

I can tell you, I worked in a lot more than just 3 newsrooms in my life and most people in the newsroom never expressed their political views either way. I never did so while working in a newsroom. 

Fahkar says that since her pro-Trump post that she has gotten hate mail and been called awful things. 

Well Scarlett, you're not the only one. Since FTVLive's original story on Fahkar, we have also gotten some hate mail and mean postings on social media. 

Here is one of the nicer postings from a Brent Testy (with a name like Testy, I could insert a testicle/dick joke here, but I'm way too mature for that):

By talking to infowars and again airing her political views, Fakhar is kissing any shot as working as a real Journalist down the drain. 

Watch the video and watch a promising young talent just flush her TV news career in the process.