It is unreal how people just can't stop....

WPIX Reporter Dan Mannarino posted a picture of him posing with a pumpkin carved to look like Hillary Clinton. Dan gives either the pumpkin or Clinton two thumbs up. Dan did not post any pictures of him posing with a Trump pumpkin. It's right here that I could make an orange joke about Trump and pumpkins, but I'm trying to show my mature side, so I won't. 

Let's head down to Jacksonville, where WTLV Producer Brooks Baptiste posted this comment about Trump on his Facebook page. it seems Baptiste was not happy that Trump was coming to Florida. 

But, when President Obama makes a trip to Florida, Baptiste's attitude sure changes: 

The election is less than a week away. If you work in TV news, try, just try not to make political statements, post pictures or show your bias. 

You're a Journalist, it's time to act like one.