That's Enough Time with the Family

Former KOKI (Tulsa) Anchor Chera Kimiko left the TV news business to spend more time with her family. 

It appears that's enough time with them and it's time to get back on TV. 

Kimiko says that she's "super excited"  to join Scripp's owned  KJRH co-anchoring the 5 p.m. newscast.

"I took a year off to spend time with my family and start my business (that I will still operate) but I missed news! Hope you'll watch when I start December 5, 2016!" she posted to social media. 

She left TV news and opened CryoSpa in Tulsa last February. Now she's returning to TV and will still be running her business. We're guessing the family is no longer a priority. 

“I value this opportunity to be back in a newsroom covering what’s happening in Tulsa,” said Kimiko in a press statement. “I recognize the incredible responsibility we have as journalists to share relevant news and information that is accurate and timely for our audiences on whatever platform they want to get their news. We will work for you, Tulsa.”

Sorry, but those quotes all seem made up by the Creative Services department. No one really talks like that.