Scarlett Fakhar Not the Only One

When Fox decided to fire Anchor Scarlett Fakhar from KRIV in Houston, they might have set a dangerous precedent. 

There are others at Fox owned stations that have also made comments about the election on social media. Some have been very outspoken. 

You can also look at Fox owned WOR in New Jersey. Fox replaced the station's traditional newscast with "Chasing News' a few years ago. 

When Chasing launched, the releases said it was being done by a production company. But it appears to be more like a shell company with addresses that point to Fox corporate offices in New York.

The GM at Fox O&O in Philly, Dennis Bianchi, oversees the show and makes regular visits to New York to oversee the operation. 

The show's host Bill Spadea is pro-Trump and he's not hid it, constantly cheerleading for him during the primary and presidential debates on Twitter.  Spadea has also used Chasing as a vehicle to try and get both a gas tax hike and a ballot question defeated (Both passed).

It seems the rules are different at at the Fox properties. 

Just saying....