CNN Critic Rails Against Fake News

CNN media critic Brian Stelter can't seem to get over the fact that Donald Trump is our next President. 

While many are starting to let the election go and move on with their lives, Stelter is still going on and on about it.

His latest theory.....fake news reports got Trump elected.

Stelter thinks that fake news reports are now an epidemic in our society and he is doing what he can to get rid of fake news (yes, I see the irony in the fact that Stelter works for CNN).

In his newsletter, Stelter writes, "Some Democrats are asserting that the plague of pro-Trump, anti-Clinton hoaxes on Facebook swung the election in Trump's favor. I have no idea how that can be proven."  

Now, what seems to be lost on Stelter is that for years the left had it's own fake news in Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert. Stelter never brought up the fact that their fake news, might have swayed the election for President Obama? 

But, when Trump wins, it's time to rise up and take on fake news. 

Maybe...just maybe if CNN did a better job of covering real news, people would not be looking for alternatives. 

Just saying....