Motown Reporter Drops the N-Word

Some Motown activists are calling for a boycott of WDIV, after word came down that a WDIV Reporter dropped the N-Word in the newsroom. 

The WDIV Reporter (who for some reason is not being named) reportedly used the term while referring to the shooting of a three year old in April.

Leaders in the Detroit community are calling for action. 

WJBK reports that community activists Rev. W.J. Rideout and Sam Riddle say there is no place in Detroit for reporters who use a language of hate. The two say they both received an email from WDIV admitting that there was an incident where inappropriate language was used and that appropriate action was taken against the reporter.

However, the two activists say more needs to be done and the reporter should be fired.

"We've got to check the attitudes, because if hate is embedded in those that report it's going to reflect in how they cover stories," said activist Sam Riddle.

Rev. Rideout and Riddle are also calling for a boycott against the station and companies that advertise with them if an apology is not issued.

Station management at WDIV tell FOX 2 they're "working on this right now and not in a position to respond."

While WJBK did report the story, they left out the "who" and did not name the Reporter.

So we will ask, the "Why?"

Would the station have named the employee if he worked at City Hall? Of why not name the Reporter at WDIV. 

How can people be expected to trust the media, when the media is not transparent regarding itself?