Fox O&O Copies Network: Confuses News & Ethics

Taking a cue from "The Firm", KSAZ-TV, the Fox O&O in Phoenix, pulled a sweeps stunt last night, that pegged the ethics meter.

In a promotional stunt leading up to the broadcast that could only be rivaled by The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults and Who Shot J.R., Fox promoted the crap out of the investigation by it's primary anchor, John Hook about who killed Hogan's Heroes star, Bob Crane. It got coverage from TMZ to CNN.

But what really raised eyebrows was this Tweet from Hook's wife:

FTVLive took the bait and checked it out. Low and behold, Hook has written a book, "Who Killed Bob Crane?" Coincidentally, The book became KSAZ's Sweeps series AND is available for pre-order, due out in February (please no, not another series).

Here's the kicker. Just like in Al Capone's Vault show, after losing 90 minutes of your life watching, there's no new information about who killed Bob Crane.

It didn't take long until social media caught on:

Before the night was over, it become a Fox family affair. Hook's co-anchor, Kari Lake also got in on the hype.

We'd like to remind Kari that the murder of Crane was indeed, probably 'shocking' back in the 70's, but in 2016? Not so much. In fact, anyone under 30 probably has no idea what Hogan's Heroes is.

The country just got done giving the media a lesson in reality. This kind of self-promotion and personal enrichment by a news anchor, isn't going to change public perception.