"Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

Photo courtesy  Washingtonian

Photo courtesy Washingtonian

It's mind boggling at the double standard the media sometimes tries to play, yet screams foul when they're called on the carpet.

The Washington Post threw a big election night bash for staffers (and sponsors) at their DC headquarters. While reporters were covering one of the most contentious elections ever, not to mention a woman running for president and her opponent having a history of inappropriate behavior toward women; WaPo staffers were encouraged to pull napkins from a female server's body.

Granted, the woman was wearing something underneath the napkin dress, but the idea that someone thought this was appropriate, is hard to comprehend.

WaPo Articles Editor Elizabeth Chang fired off a letter to Publisher Fred Ryan, condemning the situation. If that wasn't enough, the party was sponsored by MGM, which is opening a new hotel next month at National Harbor. Isn't one of the presidential candidates a casino and hotel owner?

Washingtonian Senior Editor Andrew Beaujon had a great line, "People gathered at the Washington Post on Tuesday to watch a woman vie for the presidency. While there, they could pluck napkins off another woman's body."

We're guessing someone in the sales department is going to be blamed.

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