After FTVLive Story, Houston Anchor Now Says She's Sorry

Yesterday, FTVLIve FIRST told you that KRIV (Houston) Anchor Scarlett Fakhar posted to her Facebook page how happy she was that Donald Trump won the election and that she prayed for his victory.

Her post then went on to attack President Obama and how awful he is as our President (You know, because that's what Jesus would do). 

After FTVLive's story, Fakhar took to Facebook again to post an apology.

The idea that an Anchor in a Top 10 market thought her first post was OK and only apologized after the FTVLive story, shows you the problem with the media Today. 

Fakhar isn't the only one to share her thoughts on social media. FTVLive has been saying since the primary, no Journalist should ever do that. Ever!

But, now many Journalist in the ranks have grown up on Social Media. They post pictures of their ham sandwich at lunch, so why not post their opinions on the election?

Because your ham sandwich doesn't ruin your credibility. 

Scarlett Fakhar has ruined her credibility and quite frankly, many News Directors tell me after reading our story, they would have fired her on spot. 

But luckily for Fakhar, she works at a Fox O&O and she trashed Obama, so she won't get fired and she might even get a raise. 

Let's all pray she does. 

BTW- Thanks to the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express News and the Beaumont Express for picking up on FTVLive's story and giving proper credit. Maybe you guys can teach TV News Check and others how to do that.