Phoenix Anchor: Trump's Comments, Not a Big Deal

KSAZ Phoenix Anchor Kari Lake has been in Donald Trump's camp for quite some time. The Fox O&O Anchor seems to be towing the same line as the mothership Fox News. 

When it comes to Donald Trump and his comments about sexual assault on women, Lake doesn't think it is that big of a deal. 

She took to Facebook to post her thoughts: 

First off, I have been in a lot of locker rooms in my time and I can assure you, I never once heard a guy talking about grabbing a woman's pussy.

The idea that a female newscaster doesn't have a problem with it and thinks Trump was just talking like that to fit in with the guys, is a bit alarming. Guys, can be crude and so can women. But, I have not heard this crude and certainly not with someone you just met. 

Also, if you don't think this will end things for Trump, we'll just have to wait until Nov. 8th to see. But, I'm willing to bet that this has a big impact on Trump's chances. Right now, the GOP is running away from the guy as fast as they can. 

Also, if you want fair coverage, you might want to steer clear of KSAZ and Kari Lake's newscast. She is neither fair, nor balanced.

Just saying....