Bye Bye Matthew

There is no doubt that the FTVLive World HQ dodge a big bullet on Friday. Hurricane Matthew veered enough to the east, to help us avoid a direct hit. 

Still winds reached almost 80MPH and it was no fun watching the trees throwing limbs faster than Donald Trump throwing derogatory insults at women. 

We lost power very early in the going. Many wondered how we were still posting updates all day? 

We had a fully charged Macbook Air and turned our iPhone into a mobile hotspot. It certainly wasn't very fast, but it worked. 

Even as hurricane force winds battered the World HQ, FTVLive was able to post 15 new stories on Friday. We also stayed active on Twitter. 

Over the weekend, it was two solid days of clean up and thanking mother nature for making this much better than it could have been. 

Thanks to all the people that texted, emailed and reached out on social media to check in with us.  I have covered much worse storms than Matthew, but it is so much different when you have a house in the path of the storm. 

Let's hope we don't have a repeat performance anytime soon.

Let's do some news.