Matthew Takes Aim

It's not a question if, but when FTVLive and millions of others in Florida are going to lose power. 

Rain and wind have moved into the FTVLive World Headquarters area and the worst is still yet to come. The much worse. 

When I woke up this morning, I realized for a number of people that live near me, this will be the last day they wake up. 

Florida Governor Rick Scott, put it about as bluntly as can be. 

We have been told that we could lose power for days and maybe as long as two weeks. I covered a number of hurricanes, including Andrew the grandaddy of all Florida hurricanes. I can tell you first hand, people are not taking this storm as seriously as they should. 

Back in the day of a powerful hurricane bearing down on the U.S., networks like CNN would be wall to wall with coverage. 

Yesterday, I tuned to CNN to see what the latest on the storm was and what else I should do? To my surprise CNN was not talking about Matthew, but instead it was Donald Trump and if he should stand or sit during the next debate? 

Unbelievable! The network gave more time to a missing plane in Malaysia, then they are giving to a storm bearing down on the United States. 

I flip to Fox News and someone is talking about Benghazi. Here's a hint, 4 people died in Benghazi, a hell of a lot more are going to die in Matthew.

Follow FTVLive on Twitter as it maybe the only way we will be able to communicate with you guys for a while.

Hope to see you guys on the other let's do some news.