Petition Started to Bring Back Tampa Weatherman

FTVLive was FIRST to tell you that WTSP in Tampa had parted ways with popular Weather Anchor Jim Van Fleet. 

Well, it appears that viewers are not happy that Van Fleet was kicked to the curb. By the looks of the station's Facebook page, viewers are pissed, and we bet the web department is getting tired of 'copy pasting' the stupid 'PC' statement as to why Van Fleet is no longer employed. 

A Change.or petition has also been started, asking Tegna to bring Van Fleet back. "The Tampa area needs Jim Van Fleet back, he is the most accurate forecaster in the Tampa Bay area and our weather is so unpredictable that this statement is saying a lot! Our local businesses  rely on accurate daily forecasts from him. Hurricanes and Tropical weather is something I rely on him for", the petition reads. 

The goal was 200 signatures and it currently is sitting at 190. 

Van Fleet confirmed to FTVLive that he has hired and attorney and is pondering legal action against the station.