FTVLive waits on Matthew

This morning hard rain has been moving into FTVLive's neighborhood and we expect the wind will soon be following. 

Yesterday, we made a gas run, filling up the car and the gas can. I pulled out my generator that I last used in Buffalo, NY when a snowstorm knocked out my power for 9 days. The generator started on the first pull after sitting idle for a decade. We expect to lose power sometime tomorrow.

I went to Target to buy water and it was slim pickings. I had to buy the expensive stuff as that is all that was left. 

This morning, I will head out into the rain and trim some of the palm trees on my property. 

Evacuations have started in Jacksonville and it appears after dodging a hurricane for over a decade, Florida is going to get hit hard.

Matthew my friends, is a monster. 

If you stop seeing updates, you know FTVLive has lost power and internet. We expect to still be able to tweet using out phone. 

Follow us on Twitter to stay in touch and hopefully, we'll see you on the other side.