Yesterday we posted the story of KWTV (OKC) Meteorologist Lacey Swope and the injury she sustained in a shooting incident. 

Swope proudly killing a hog that was still nursing her babies and then posed with her gun and the dead hog in a picture. 

Swope was injured when her gun kicked back and the scope of the rifle caught her right between the eyes. 

When it was pointed out to her on Facebook that she killed a nursing mother of babies, Swope said that it didn't bother her and she would do it again. 

The claims are, that the hogs do damage to property and need to be eradicated. While many condemned her for killing the animal, many others supported her.

As to why she felt she had to post a picture of her posing with the dead animal? We assume that it was for the other hogs that might see it on her Facebook page and no to stay away from her house. 

We stopped by her Twitter to ask for comment, but it appears that Annie Oakley blocked us from her account. No word if the hogs can still log on as well.