Fox News Anchor Settles up to Toy Maker

Back in September of last year, FTVLive told you that Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner was suing toy maker Hasbro, because they made a toy named  Harris Faulkner that was a tiny tan-and-white hamster with blue eyes and a butterfly perched on its head.

Faulkner sued the toy company for $5 million bucks, claiming the toy looked just like know....if she was a toy hamster. 

Anyway the two sides have settled the case and of course neither side is talking. But, we'll bet the house that Faulkner got nothing close to $5 million dollars.

This is the statement that was released:

“Harris Faulkner and Hasbro are pleased to report that the lawsuit filed by Ms. Faulkner last year has been settled amicably. Ms. Faulkner took action against Hasbro because it was selling a child’s toy – a plastic toy named Harris Faulkner. Ms. Faulkner argued that she did not consent to have her name or image associated in any way with the manufacture and/or sale of this toy and that, as a journalist, she never endorses companies’ products. In defending the lawsuit, Hasbro contended that its Littlest Pet Shop toy was not named for Ms. Faulkner and did not look like Ms. Faulkner in any way. The ‘Harris Faulkner’ toy is no longer manufactured or sold by Hasbro. However, since there still may be ‘Harris Faulkner’ toys or packaging with the ‘Harris Faulkner’ name in the stream of commerce, Ms. Faulkner reiterates that she has not endorsed or approved this product. The parties will not comment further on the litigation or its settlement.”