Huh? Jeff Zucker Hires Reporters that are not in the Same Class as CNN

Back in August, CNN boss Jeff Zucker was profiled in Vanity Fair. 

It was in that story that Zucker took a shot a online news outlet Buzzfeed. "“I don’t think Vice and BuzzFeed are legitimate news organizations,” he said. What would he call them? “They are,” he says with a mischievous grin, “native advertising shops. We crush both of them. They are not even in our same class.”

So, it might have been a bit surprising when yesterday, CNN bragged about poaching Buzzfeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski and his colleagues Nathan McDermott, Christopher Massie, and Kyle Blaine.

"We're going to set them up to do what they do best," CNN EVP Andrew Morse told HuffPo. 

So, Buzzfeed is not in even in the same class as CNN, but we are going to hire their reporters that have been kicking our ass on political stories. 

Ummmmm OK Jeff....