The News Director is Not the Only One

On Friday, FTVLive told you that Scripps owned WCPO in Cincinnati has been without a News Director for months. 

Back in early March, ND Alex Bongiorno left the station and she has still not been replaced. 

The reason? 

General Manager Jeff Brogan says the job "is like no other in the country," with WCPO's huge online digital staff. " This news director job is like no other in the country with the broadcast and digital resources we have to cover the Tri-State," Brogan says.

OK Jeff? What is your excuse for not replacing the Chief Engineer's job, which has also been open since March? Or, some of the 21 other jobs that are listed on the Scripps website? 

It seems the station has a GM that does not want to make a decision and drags his heels on hires to save money. Meanwhile, others work hard to fill the void and aren't paid anymore to do it. 

When, WCPO finally does hire this "super duper special News Director" that can do the job that is unlike any other in the country, FTVLive will take a close look at that hire. 

No way should an ND job be opened for 8 months and not be filled.

No matter what B.S. you are spouting.