In the Wake of Huge FCC Fines, Sinclair Says Sorry

Back in August told you FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY Sinclair was facing huge fines from the FCC after they failed to disclose pay for play stories running in their stations newscasts.  

Here we are in October and Sinclair has finally gotten around to apologizing. 

FTVLive told you that the company faced stiff fines, after about around 30 Sinclair stations screwed up a pay for play story about Huntsman Cancer Institute out of Salt Lake City. It seems that Sinclair was running the paid content as a news story and not telling viewers that they were basically watching a commercial. 

This morning, a number of Sinclair stations issued an on air apology for failing to disclose its airing all year of sponsored content from Huntsman Cancer Institute.  

The stories originate from KUTV in Salt Lake but air on all Sinclair stations.  

Sources tell FTVLive that many of the Sinclair stations will be airing the apology during their newscast. Word is that the Sinclair suits are hoping that saying sorry will get the FCC to go easy on them for violating the rules. 

Maybe, they should have said sorry back in August when FTVLive first published the story. 

Sources say that the FCC fines against Sinclair could run in the millions.

Stay tuned....