Scripps Station Drags Heels on News Director Hire

Scripps owned WCPO in Cincinnati has been without a News Director for months. 

Back in January, FTVLive told you that ND Alex Bongiorno was leaving the station after the Feb book. Well, here we are in the November book and the station still has no new News Director. 

General Manager Jeff Brogan says the job "is like no other in the country," with WCPO's huge online digital staff cranking out lots of newspaper-like in-depth news, entertainment stories, home tour features and editorial cartoons.

"Our search continues.  This is an extraordinary station with a rich history and a progressive future.  This news director job is like no other in the country with the broadcast and digital resources we have to cover the Tri-State," Brogan says.

"We have a lot of interest in the job but we are determined to find the right news director who understands our vision to be the leading news and information media organization in town."

Really? In 8 months you could not find the right person to fill the job? Looks like to us, someone is trying to bank some money for a bigger bonus check. And when you say, "we are determined to find the right news director," who not just be honest and say someone that is cheap. 

Your station is not "unlike any other station in the country." 

But, go ahead and keep spouting that B.S., maybe someone will buy it. 

When WCPO finally makes a hire, we can't wait to see who it is?

Stay tuned...