Could Billy Bush Return to another TV Network?

In a story that seems to come straight from Billy Bush's agent, it claims that Bush is already being considered for unspecified network jobs.

“Executives at different networks are already discussing if Billy is hire-able and if they can bring him on to any of their shows as a personality,” a source told Us Weekly.

The 45-year-old Bush was fired from the “Today” show after audio was leaked of a 2005 conversation between Donald Trump and the then-“Access Hollywood” host.

Executives are “already talking about where he could be good, when he could be hired, or if the public would need a break from him before bringing him on a show,” the source told Us.

Yeah, the source is either Billy's agent, lawyer or his Mom. 

We would be surprised if Bush lands on another (real) network very quickly.

Stay tuned....

H/T NY Daily News