Rock the Vote

Yesterday, I went to my local polling place and casted my early vote. 

The process of checking in and voting was very quick and there were no problems. But, when I went to the machine to feed your ballot, things slowed down. 

I got behind a woman that obviously is watching too much Sean Hannity. She said that she has done a lot of research on voter fraud (you know, watching Hannity) and she was concerned that once she fed her ballot into the machine, how does she know if it was actually counted?

She wanted a receipt from the machine that told her that her ballot was counted. The poll worker explained to the lady that the machine is not an ATM and it does not give receipts. The woman was not happy with that answer and wanted some sort of receipt to show that she voted?

Well..... the poll worker explained, there are no receipts. 

After this back and forth, I got in the line for the second machine. As I got to the machine, I fed in my ballot and then loudly said, "Thank you for my ballot receipt," and walked out the door. 

I'm sure the poll worker was cursing me before the door shut. 

As for the lady?

I hope she made it home in time for Hannity. 

Despite not getting her receipt. 

Let's do some news....