Reporter Carjacked as she Returns Home

A Reporter with the NBA's Inside Stuff was carjacked at gunpoint this weekend shortly after returning to her Atlanta apartment.

Kristen Ledlow took to social media to say that she was robbed and is taking a break from social media. 

Atlanta police say that Ledlow was confronted on Saturday afternoon almost as soon as she returned to her apartment.

The 28-year-old Reporter was unloading groceries from her car on the third floor of her apartment complex’s parking structure when a silver sedan carrying three men pulled up next to her, according to police.

Police are working with the apartment’s management to review video footage, and the investigation continues. No arrests have been made.

Ledlow moved to Atlanta in 2013 to work as a radio host on 92.9 The Game, and she has worked for CNN and TNT.

H/T People