News Director Fires Anchor but it wasn't that Hard to Do

Joe Cole is both the News Director and the Anchor at KXRM in Colorado Springs. he's giving up one of those jobs. 

Cole is firing himself as the News Anchor and promoting himself full-time to News Director. 

“After 15 years on the FOX21 anchor desk, I’m stepping into a new role here at Fox 21. Many viewers may not know that for the past 10 years I’ve been working two jobs. Those two jobs were News Director and Anchor. We’ve had great success here at Fox 21, and with the success, we’ve been able to expand our news product. With the additional news hours, our staff has also grown to more than 40 staff members in the news department alone. Several years ago I approached our General Manager about leaving the anchor desk and managing full-time. He agreed it was time to make the change, so we started our search and added an additional anchor to the staffing budget," Cole said. 

Scott Kilbury, who was previously at NBC affiliate WHEC in Rochester, New York, has been tabbed as Cole’s replacement. Kilbury will begin working on the anchor desk beginning Monday, October 31. 

H/T The Gazette