Nexstar's Front Office Specials are Common

Last week, FTVLive told you that Nexstar corporate demanded that their stations run a story about Nexstar CEO Perry Sook getting an award for Journalism. 

Let that irony sink in for a bit. 

Nexstar sources tell FTVLive that corporate demanding stories run is ver common. 

Nexstar has owned KLAS over just over a year and a half. One KLAS insider tells FTVLive, "This is the fourth time since Nexstar purchased KLAS that we have received orders to run stories about Perry (Sook) in the newscast.  In this latest incident, we received no less than four emails from corporate "reminding" us that this was a must-run.  The argument that there is "no news value" holds no water with Nexstar."

Perry Sook's ego is so big, he has to have stories about him run on the company's affiliates. You know, because shareholders live everywhere. 

The bottom line, Perry Sook cares more about the shareholders than he does the station employees.

As Donald Trump would say....SAD!

OH! By the way Media General stations, see all the fun you get to look forward to.