Buffalo News Crew Assaulted

A trip to Niagara Falls turn ugly for a WIVB news crew. 

The crew was assaulted Saturday evening while covering a story in the Falls.

WIVB reporter Nick Quattrini and a Photographer were attacked while covering Art Alley, murals on exterior walls of buildings between the 400 block of Third Street and Ferry Avenue, according to the WIVB web site.

The photographer has not been indentified, however Quattrini wrote on Facebook that the photographer has a large black eye, cuts and bruises, a facial fracture and needed stitches inside of his mouth. Quattrini said he walked away with only a scrape on his chin.

A Producer for the station said she heard someone ask Quattrini and photographer to give him their camera and money before the connection with the crew was disconnected, according to the station.

Quattrini posted video of the suspect's arrest and he wrote: 

"As you can see in the video, I was extremely pissed off about the situation, and I hope this piece of shit rots in jail.

Oh, and by the way, we were covering the unveiling of an "art display", your typical fluff piece that you would never expect this to happen at.

So please be aware wherever you go..."