Record Viewership

We have some record viewership to tell you about and it doesn't involve the debate, or a cable station or broadcast's about FTVLive. 

The October views for FTVLive have reached a monthly record and it's only the 21st on the month. This month will go down as FTVLive's best month ever. 

In fact on the 14th of this month, we past page-views for the entire month of October 2015. In other words, it took us only 14 days to reach the same number of page views that we had all of last October. 

The funny thing is, while networks are getting high ratings thanks to Donald Trump's antics and the election, that's not the case with FTVLive. Our stats show that political stories and Trump related stories, skew towards the bottom in traffic. 

We saw the same thing with the Roger Ailes stories. While regular viewers might love the Trump and Ailes stories, the people that work in TV news and read FTVLive don't really care. 

So, while others are enjoying the "election year bump", FTVLive is watching traffic grow, despite those stories. 

The only person we need to thank for that is you. You are the person that makes this site successful. You are the person that makes the 3AM wake up call worth it. You are the reason I cut my 9 day planned vacation to 2 days. You are the best and I thank you with all my heart. 

I truly mean that.