No Credit, Big Problem

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about the former TV News Anchor that gave up TV news for a life of doing porn.

The story about the former anchor was posted on the website Gayety earlier this week. FTVLive posted the story yesterday morning and 4 hours later Mediaite posted the story. 

FTVLive had the story in our drafts for a couple of days and we didn't post it until yesterday. Then just hours later Mediaite's Ken Myer posted the same story. 

We have little doubt that Myer got the story from FTVLive, but does he give us credit? No...he acts like he found it all on his own. Does he give Gayety credit (like we did)? Nope.

In fact, he gave no one credit and we're sure his bosses gave him a pat on the back for coming up with such a good traffic driving story. 

We emailed his boss Dan Abrams, you know, just to let him know what a good job Ken is doing. 

FTVLive has grown tired of us doing the work and then others taking credit and no giving any in return. We have started calling those people out and will continue to do so.