Front Office Special

Yesterday, FTVLive told you how KLAS (Las Vegas) wasted viewers time by airing a story about Nexstar CEO Perry Sook getting a journalism award in Washington, DC. 

Perry Sook getting a journalism award is like Donald Trump getting an award from the National Organization of Women. 

But, the idea that the company's station ran a story on it, made it that much worse. 

A Nexstar employee tells FTVLive that this is common at Sook's stations. Nexstar stations are sent orders to run certain stories about Sook and other pet projects by Nestar. The stations are also to send an air-check back to corporate to show they did what the bosses want. 

So, if you are keeping track, Perry Sook won an award for journalism and then told his stations they had to run the story in their newscast.

Ummmmmm......and no one sees the irony in that?