Connie Chung: I went through Hell as a Journalist

At a screening for "Good Girls Revolt" an Amazon series is set in the ’60s and follows a group of female journalists at Newsweek who filed a class action lawsuit for discrimination, hot home for former CBS News Anchor Connie Chung. 

“I was crying, this film hits so close to home for me,” Chung, who’s worked at NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN, told Page Six. “Do you have a year to tell you what I have been through as a woman working in journalism? I went through hell. A lot of discrimination, everything you can think of. In the beginning, all of us got ‘women type’ stories. Like covering the first lady instead of the president.”

She further recalled of her start in news: “I would gather information and have to give it to somebody else and not get the byline. Or if I covered the White House, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon or State Department, I had to keep the seat warm for the big correspondent. It is better now, but women have not reached the level of parity yet because management is still white-male-oriented.”