So Much For Being Unbiased

Scripps owned KTNV in Las Vegas has hired a new Producer that also seems to be a big fan of a Presidential candidate.

FTVLive has said it time and time again, if you are going to work in TV news, register as an Independent and never openly discuss who you are voting for. 

This has been a an unwritten rule in TV news, as long as there has been TV news.

But, for some reason, we now live in a world of "All about me TV...." and millennial's think they should share everything. 

Newly hired KTNV Producer Colton Salaz is now working at the station. But, check his Twitter and you will clearly see he is in the Clinton camp when it comes to this year's election. 

So, will Salaz's produced newscasts favor Clinton? Will he be trying to influence viewers to cast their vote for Hillary? 

Just asking....