Ummmm.... That's Not Good

KFOR Reporter Abby Broyles has filed some reports about a Republican candidate that is being accused of not paying his taxes (not Donald Trump, a different Republican).

But, the Oklahoma GOP is crying foul and they have the picture to prove it. 

The GOP claims that while Broyles is doing hit pieces on the Republicans, she is out campaigning for the Democrats. They posted a picture of Broyles (see above) wearing a campaign t-shirt for Democrat Nick Atwood, a state House candidate in Shawnee.

The GOP says when they posted the picture and story to Facebook, their post was pulled down and disappeared. 

No word if it was Broyles or her station KFOR that made a complaint to Facebook. The OK GOP said the post did not violate Facebook's rules and they want to know why it's gone. 

They posted a follow up:

The idea that any station's News Reporter would be actively involved in campaigns and wearing candidate's gear is not cool. If the Reporter feels strongly about it, then the station should take her off any political stories. 

It appears both KFOR and Broyles crossed the line. 

Journalists have to go out everyday and defend the accusations of being biased. Actions like this from KFOR and Abby Broyles does not help that situation.