Gee Megyn, You Think that Was Directed at You?

Sean Hannity and his BFF Donald Trump have been bringing Fox News higher ratings and also some embarrassment. 

Some inside FNC think that Hannity's fawning all over Trump is not advancing the network's image. 

"Fox News has worked hard for years to try and show that we are much more fair then people give us credit for," said one Fox News staffer to FTVLive, "Sean Hannity is killing all the advancements we have made with his Trump show," the staffer added. 

As for Hannity, he could care less about the staff at Fox News. 

"My bosses have only given me nothing but support and appreciation for the high ratings I get. As far as my colleagues? I don’t mean this to be disrespectful, but I don’t care what they think. They’ve got their role, and I’ve got mine."

Gee Megyn (Kelly) you get the feeling that that might have been directed at you? 

When Trump losses, it will be interesting on how long Hannity will try and push the "rigged" election down viewer's throats.

We have a feeling that Sean Hannity is a very sore loser.

Stay tuned....