Take a Sick Day....

For the first 18 years of my career in TV news, I never once called in sick. I always felt I had a job to do and I would do it, no matter what. 

I remember walking into the newsroom in West Palm Beach bent over at the waist because I could barely walk do to severe back spasms. My GM, made me go to the doctor, but I still didn't miss a day. 

That was until I worked for Granite. Then I took sick days and even called in sick when I wasn't. It was the way Granite ran the station that made me sick and I needed time off from the place. 

But, in all those years that I came to work with a nasty cold, or the flu, I'm sure that I made others on the staff sick with my germs. 

I also never tweeted pictures of myself sick for two reasons. One, we didn't have Twitter and two, it was not yet the days of "all about me TV". 

So our advice to WGRZ (Buffalo) Anchor Melissa Holmes this morning. Go home get some rest and put the phone down. 

Twitter will live a day or two without your tweets and you won't spread those awful germs to your co-workers, or get them all over your phone. 

Just saying....