Fox Anchor Tweets Address and Phone Number of Trump Accuser

A women that has come forward and said that Donald Trump groped her, might have to go into hiding, thanks a Fox Business Network Anchor. 

FBN Anchor Lou Dobbs publicized the address and phone number of Jessica Leeds, one of the women who accused Donald Trump of groping her, to his 792,000 followers yesterday morning.

Dobbs linked to a post from a conservative news site that purported to link Leeds to the Clinton Foundation. The site published Leeds' address and phone number — taken from public records — and then claimed, falsely, that her phone number is the same as a phone number for the Clinton Foundation.

He also quoted a tweet from a Trump supporter, which has since been deleted, that included Leeds' phone number and address.

Dobbs' tweet has been retweeted more than 800 times.

Late in the day, after the damage was done and this women's address and phone number where shared over and over again....Dobbs said he was sorry. 

Wonder how Dobbs would feel if his address and phone # were spread all over Twitter? 

H/T Politico