Just Stop with This Crap....

It really is disheartening for FTVLive to see how awful TV newswomen get treated on social media.

We have pointed out a number of examples of idiots that hide behind a keyboard and try and shame female journalists. 

He is a message that was posted on Facebook to the staff at Springfield's (IL) WICS:

Now, we would love to see what the person that wrote this looks like? We'll go out on a limb and say he's not George Clooney clone.

A couple of WICS staffers replied back.

First up is Anchor Stacey Skrysak (above left):

This is NOT okay!!! This comment was made by a man on a recent picture I posted. I am used to the criticism that comes with my profession and I know being in the public eye means that people can form their own opinion of me. Not everyone is going to like me, I get that. Most of the negative comments I receive I brush off, but this one made me mad. It's one thing to criticize my looks on my Facebook page, but it's downright rude to drag my other female coworkers into the comment. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Healthy women come in ALL shapes and sizes. When my daughter watches me on the news, I hope she see a strong, healthy, smart and confident woman. It's a shame that there are people out there who try to tear us down. I am happy with how I look and I am so proud of the mother and career driven woman I have become. It's time to stop judging women by our looks and, instead, see our beauty on the inside.

Next up is Anchor Jordan Abudayyeh (above right):

I think my co-worker Stacey Skrysak sums this up well, but let me give it a shot since all of us were insulted by this.

I'm not angry at this person for sitting behind a computer and insulting women based on how they look. But I am sad. I'm sad because I'm a woman, and because of that, you focus more on my looks than the words coming out of my mouth. All of the women I work with spend long hard hours doing a thankless job. Those of us on air spend more hours than necessary picking out clothes that consultants tell us look good on camera, buying expensive make up and hair products so we can look appealing, because studies say you won't be able to focus on the news if I don't appeal to society's standards of beauty.

But you know what, I'm sick of it and I'm sick of people like the person that posted this. You didn't see me work a 17 hour day the last day of session as lawmakers tried to pass some semblance of a budget. And you weren't with me as I got up at 2 am to cover a presidential candidate. And you were with your family on the holidays, while I was working because the news doesn't stop. Because of you I have make sure my face isn't too oily or my hair is in place because if I don't, you won't complain about my work, the story i spent hours on that day, you'll call and complain that I don't look good.

And you know what, I like pizza and I often eat pizza because I don't have time to cook when I regularly work 12 hour days. AND BREAKING NEWS: What I eat shouldn't concern you. How much I weigh shouldn't concern you. I can deliver you the news at any size because that doesn't affect the words coming out of my mouth. The average woman is a size 16. I shouldn't have to starve myself, because I am good at my job. I work hard, meet deadlines, and bring you the news every night. Usually I always respond to insults with "thanks for watching," but tonight I'll say thanks for exposing the ridiculous sexism in this world that many think doesn't exist. I hope you, random internet commenter, have a great night. I'm off to enjoy some pizza!