MG Employees to Lose some Benefits with Nexstar Takeover

The Nexstar people are making their way around to the Media General stations that the company is acquiring to talk to employees.

At least some Media General staffers don't like what they are hearing. Sources tell FTVLive that Nexstar is looking to rollback some benefits and that does not have everyone happy. 

A source tells FTVLive that longtime employees that were lucky enough to have five weeks a year of vacation time, have been told that will be reduced to four weeks because that's Nexstar's cap.

Those with 4 weeks a year are now they're being dropped down to 3.

For health insurance, you can add your spouse for the normal spousal increase, but Nexstar is tacking on their own fee if employees take that option. 

Many Media General employees are scared as to what happens when they are taken over by Nexstar. The benefits meetings are not doing anything to calm those fears. 

Stay tuned....