Ken Bone Likes Coop

The name is Bone....Ken Bone. 

The biggest winner of Sunday's debate was Ken Bone. The jolly guy in the red sweater became and instant celeb and he is doing very good at milking his 15 minutes of fame. 

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Bone in his 11th minute of his 15 and talked to him about his experience. 

What has been the craziest part of the past 48 hours for you? 

I think the most fun thing I have done was Jimmy Kimmel, but also last night Chris Hardwick with @midnight dedicated a huge portion of his show to me. And my wife and I are huge fans, and we thought that was just wild. That was a surreal experience, watching Brian Posehn make jokes about me on one of our favorite shows. 

Who have you been most starstruck by thus far? 

Anderson Cooper is probably the favorite person I have talked to so far. He really deserves his reputation as the nicest guy in national media. 

Uh-oh...somewhere Sean Hannity is really pissed. His BFF Donald Trump told him he was the nicest guy. 

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