Here it Comes....

The November book is this/close and it appears that a Columbus Reporter is already getting ready. 

WSYX Investigative Reporter Kurt Ludlow announced last month that he is battling prostate-cancer. Most often, TV people wait for the ratings book to make those kind of personal announcements. 

But, Ludlow might have another surprise for the ratings book. 

The Reporter recently underwent prostate-cancer surgery and he had a camera on scene to video the whole thing. 

“I haven’t seen the video yet,” said Ludlow. "The plan is to show people what’s involved, if it’s something we feel we can air.”

“Male cancers don’t get talked about very often, and I felt like if I could be a voice for men out there to at least go to a doctor and get checked, that’s what I wanted to do,” said Ludlow.

So Columbus, if you have been just dying to see Kurt Ludlow's prostate, this November book, it appears your wishes might come true.

Also, clear some room on the shelf, because I smell an Emmy coming. 

H/T Columbus Dispatch