Hi There...Don't Freak, We had to make a Change

FTVLive has had to make some changes to our navigation. It seems after posting 20,000 stories over the past few years, we have used up all the space on server 1.

So, we now need to start filling up server 2 for the next 20,000 stories. Don't worry, the old stories aren't gone.

At the top of the page you will see an "Archive" link. Just click the link and click "Stories Prior to Sept. 2016". That will take you to the archive of all the stories over the past 3 years.

The latest stories will be shown when you log onto FTVLive.com. Or you can click on the "Latest News" under the archive page.

Right now the only story you will find under that link is this one. But starting Tomorrow morning that will all change when the FTVLive Intern starts posting updates.

Basically, everything will be the same, unless you want to go back and look at older stories.

Now to see the stories that were posted the past few days, don't freak, just click here.