The Apple of My E̶y̶e̶ Wrist

Although we ordered it on day 1, it took until last Friday for us to get our hands on our new Apple Watch. 

The Apple Watch was delivered to the FTVLive World Headquarters late last week and we have been wearing the smart watch for the past few days.

So, to give you a few thoughts on what we think about Apple's wearable technology. 

I got the Sport Apple Watch in "space gray" with a size of 42mm. Apple sells two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. I can tell you that the 42mm seems to be the perfect size for guys and the 38mm is better on ladies. 

The watch is very comfortable to wear and is solid. It is much heavier than you expect it to be, but not so heavy that it is uncomfortable. I wore the watch playing golf this weekend and never really noticed that it was on my wrist.

The Apple Watch tracked my steps while on the golf course (actually it tracks your steps all the time) and also monitored my heart rate, which seemed to rise dramatically when I 3 putted. 

There are a number of apps that you can download for the Apple Watch with many, many many more expected as time goes on. We downloaded the CNN app, but soon deleted it after not being very impressed with it.

You can customize the watch face in a number of different ways and we are expecting that it won't be long before you can use your own photos as part of the watch face. Why Apple didn't include that from the get go, we have no idea. 

I answered a number of phone calls from the watch and everyone that I was talking to said it sounded great. I did not talk long on the watch before picking up my phone and having the call automatically transfer to it.

I like the ability to answer the call on my watch, but I'm not going to go full Dick Tracy and keep talking into it for the entire call. 

It is great for texting. You can see your text without having to dig out your phone and replaying is very easy, using voice dictation. 

After a few days wearing our watch, we can say for sure that it is a keeper.

Lastly, we owe a huge "THANK YOU" to those of you that donated a few bucks so why could purchase the watch. It was well worth the buy and I can say that I highly recommend the Apple Watch to anyone looking to buy one.

As the apps come out, FTVLive will keep you updated on the ones that are worth adding and the ones that are not.