It Smelled Fishy from the beginning

You may remember a few days ago, I told you that FTVLive was sent email saying he had a big exclusive for us. A Reporter at a southwest station had sent naked pictures to a "viewer" and had been sexting with the said viewer.

The person that sent us the pictures said he wanted to give us the story first. We told you that we passed on the story. The story seemed fishy from the beginning and we knew that if FTVLive ran the story, the Reporter in question was going to have his life wrecked. The entire story just didn't add up and we did not do it.

The emailer then sent along the story to other TV websites, hoping one of them would bite on this bogus story. As we figured, only one TV website did do something on the story and included the Reporter's name.

Today, the emailer posted an apology and said that he made up the entire story. The TV website also posted a small blurb, without the Reporter's name this time, linking to the apology. 

As for the Reporter, sources tell FTVLive that he has been "relieved from work for the time being." A close friend of the Reporter thinks it is likely he will lose his job over this.

FTVLive smelled a rat from the beginning and we passed on the story. But now, a Reporter that is caught in a personal spat with another person is paying the price.

I can only hope that the station sees this for what it was, nothing but revenge and a vendetta and let's the Reporter return to work.

FTVLive is also glad that we saw it for what it was and played no role the ugly crap that just went down.