What's Up with You Dude? Vol. 6

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Time to click on the email tab, open up and clean out some of the emails clogging up my inbox.

It's a segment we like to call "What's Up with You Dude?" 

Email 1 - I love FTVLive and I have to say, I love the fact that I can't tell where you stand. One day I think you're a big fan of Fox News, the next day you slam them. I have seen the same thing with MSNBC and all the other networks. Keep up the great work. 

Scott: I get emails like this a lot and I pride myself on the fact that where I stand politically, or which network is my favorite is hard to figure out. I really do try my best to be.....dare I say it..... Fair and Balanced.

Email 2 - Why do the other websites seem to take items from you so often and not give you credit? 

Scott: Oh you noticed that did ya? One website is more worried about trying to find out who my sources are, than breaking some news on their own. There is another website that has a number of writers on staff. One writer is very good about giving credit to FTVLive, the others are awful. One day I'm going to call them out big time. I have a plan. Stay tuned....

Email 3 - I landed a new job, but the new company won't pay my moving expenses. Is that common? 

Scott: Unfortunately it's a sign of the times in TV News. I worked in 11 different markets and thank God they all paid my moving expenses. But those days are done and it's not something you are thinking about when you are pitching the job. If it looks like the station is really interested in hiring you, make it known that you are expecting them to at least "help out" when it comes to the move. You can also sell everything you own and start over in the new city. Just a thought.

Email 4 - What hours do you work? 

Scott: I don't have set hours and I don't take a day off. Go back through the archives and you will see that FTVLive has posted stories everyday for the past 6 months. Not a single day off in that time! My day starts around 4:45AM and it just goes from there. There are days that I post stories at 8PM at night or even later. There are other days the last post might have been at 2:30PM... it's just whatever the day dictates. I post stories as the news comes in....it's a 24/7 operation run and operated by one guy. And you thought your station was running a lean operation. Ha!

Email 5 - What's your favorite App on your iPhone?

Scott: I would say the app I use the most is the iHeartRadio app. I listen you radio from around the country while I'm on my morning bike ride. Most often the two stations I listen to the most are Z100 out of New York and Real Radio 104. 1 out of Orlando. No question that of all the apps I have, this is the one I use the most.