I'm a Blogger?


The other day a website wrote a story about me and they said "Blogger Scott Jones...."

Huh?! What?! I'm a Blogger?!


After working 20+ years in TV News, I always just thought of myself as a Journalist. I moved from TV to the Internet, but I was still just reporting the news.

I always looked at Bloggers as the people that sat on a computer in their Mom's basement and argued which was better Star Trek or Star Wars?

I have never even seen Star Trek or Star Wars....any of them. So how could I be a Blogger?

The word "Blog" came out of the term "Web Log".... somewhere along the line the "we" got dropped and the "blog" remained.

I looked it up.... A blog is a website which has posts (or entries) appearing in reverse chronological order.  Hmmmm? Just like FTVLive.com.

Some people think Bloggers just roll out of bed in their underwear, turn on their computer and start typing. I can say for fact that is not the case with FTVLive! Our computer is already on. We never turn it off.

Matt Drudge is considered a Blogger evan through the guy really just posts links to stories and rarely does he write anything. As we reported, Drudge owns 3 houses in Miami and just paid $700,000 cash for his latest house. 

My favorite Blog (besides FTVLive of course) is Gawker.com. Gawker is owned by a guy named Nick Denton. According to Wikipedia in 2009, the corporation was estimated to be worth $300 million, with $60 million in advertising revenues and more than $30 million in operating profit.

$700,000 cash for a house....$300 Million for Gawker.

You give me that kind of money and you can call me Mary Poppins.

But, I'll take Blogger. I Am a Blogger!

There I said it...