My Work Day has No Clock

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 10.26.12 AM.png

When FTVLive was behind a paywall, my work day started about 4:45AM.

I would wake up, bounce through the emails and start checking the web for stories. After the morning update, I would take a few hours off and then come back in the afternoon.

I would make calls, check email and start getting ready for the next day.

Now, my day is completely different. I find that I'm still up early, still working in the morning... but I also find myself working in all hours of the day and even the middle of the night. Check my Twitter account to see when some updates are posted. 

Since I update FTVLive all day long, I'm almost never working on the next day, I'm working on the now.

Since FTVLive has gone free, I have posted stories at midnight, 2, 3 and 4 in the morning. Along with all hours when the sun's up.

It's strange not having a set schedule and just kind of working all the time. But, so far I have really enjoyed it.

Other websites have a staff....FTVLive is just one guy working as quickly as I can to bring you the news about TV news. 

Looking at our stats, I can see that the FTVLive readers are getting more used to how we post stuff as well. I see that people are now coming back throughout the day to check the site, instead of just popping in first thing in the morning.

People have asked if I would set up an email alert system. FTVLive would send out emails when the site is updated.

I can do that, but the problem is that many days FTVLive posts 20 stories or more. Do you really want 20 emails clogging up your in box?

I really think it would grow old on people fast to have me clogging up your email box all day everyday.

I can set up an alert email system with no problem, I'm just not sure how many people would want that.

I know there are a few blogs like Gawker and others that update all day long. I find myself checking them several times a day and I really could care less if they emailed me when they updated.

I figure, when I have the time I log on and catch up on the new stories that have been posted.  I figure that's how the FTVLive readers want to get their does of this website.

But, I want to hear from you guys. Would you want an email alert system (I promise no Zombies are rising from the dead alerts)? Or do you like just checking the site from time to time during the day and catching up?

I want to do what you guys want. So either comment below or email me your thoughts.