What's Up with you Dude? Vol. 9 (Sweeps Edition)


Been a while since we opened up the email and responded to some of your questions and comments.  

We have gotten a number of emails about the Ratings Book. So this edition of What's up with your Dude? Will be a sweeps edition.  

Email 1 - What is the stupidest Sweeps story that you have seen?

Scott - Any sweeps piece that involves a Taser.  

Email 2 - My News Director does newscast postmortems after every newscast during sweeps, but he hardly does it outside the book. What are your feelings on PM's?

Scott - As a News Director I did them for awhile, but I a quit it. First of all, after the newscast, the people that are about to head home, want to head home. The folks working on the late newscast, want to get working on those. So no one is really paying attention anyway. Second, if you are talking about a Producer mistake, why the hell does the Photographers care. If you're talking about a badly placed soundbite, why does the Weather Department care. I think all the issues with the newscast should be addressed to the people it pertains to. If the ND thinks a package was not very well done, call the Reporter and the Photog in that worked on that piece and tell them. Postmortems are a waste of time. During the book. outside the book, makes no difference. 

Email 3 - I love your site! Everyone in the newsroom here logs onto it all day long. I love the fact that you update 7 days a week. 

Scott - Thanks! Everyday is a sweeps at FTVLive.com  

Email 4 - What is the average day like at FTVLive? I just wonder how your day unfolds?

Scott - There is no average day at FTVLIve. They are all awesome days. I will post a video in the near future to help explain this. Stay tuned. (Tease) 

Email 5 -  I love your site! Do you accept donations?

Scott - Donated clothes? No Donated cash to help keep this finally tuned operation running along? Of course we do! And we even you something for your small donation. You get a brick! OK it's a virtual brick, but you still get a brick. Click here to see how you can get a brick and help out.