The iPhone 5S - Review

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As you know, I was one of those people that stood inline for almost 4 hours on Friday to purchase an iPhone 5S. 

Apple announced this morning that they sold 9 million iPhones since Friday's launch, which is clearly a record for the company. 

Apple has also said they are sold out of the 5S model until October. 

FTVLive went to the store hoping to buy the gold colored iPhone 5S, but the store only had 20 in stock and I was back around 100 inline. We ended up getting the black....errrrr space gray iPhone instead. 

We've had the phone for the weekend and wanted to give you our first thoughts on it. 

First, this iPhone is much faster than any of the Apple phones in the past. It is the first phone using a 64 bit processor and you can tell. Everything from opening apps to surfing the web is faster.

The camera is also much better and the slow mo that Apple added is awesome for someone that likes to record their golf swing (I wonder who that would be?) and play it back to see what we need to work on. The camera is so much better in low light conditions, compared to iPhones of the past.

As for IOS 7, I have been using it for months and while I wasn't a big fan at first, I have grown to love it. I'm more than happy to have it on the new phone as well. 

The fingerprint sensor works much better than I thought. I no longer have to swipe to open my iPhone. I figured you would have to worry about getting your finger on the button "just so" to get it to work. That has not been the case at all. no matter how I put my finger on the sensor it reads it and opens my phone. It was a feature I really didn't think I would care about, but now I like that it takes away one step to getting into my phone.  

I can say that the new iPhone 5S lives up to the promises. As for the look, not much has changed, but under the hood, there have been a number of changes. 

As for our first impressions, the changes that have been made are a big improvement. 

We think Steve Jobs would have been happy.  

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