My Laptop is Like New Again

I have had a Apple Macbook Air for a number of years now.


Ever since I bought my iPads, I almost was never using my laptop. But, now that I have changed the way FTVLive is edited and uploaded, I found that I was using my Air more than I have in months.

I keep it by the couch and type some FTVLive stories while watching TV or a movie. I have even updated FTVLive while sitting on the throne (sorry that might be too much information).

But I hd noticed that my MacBook Air was getting so slow. It took forever to boot and when it finally did, everything ran sooooo slow.

I thought about just going to the Apple Store and buying a MacBook Pro or another Air. But then I figured I would try something.

I really didn't want to sell out a couple of thousand bucks on a new laptop that I mainly use just to surf and post from the web.

I thought about buying a google netbook (runs just a couple of hundred bucks) but everything else I own is Apple and I am so used to the Mac Operating System.

Since my laptop really didn't have any programs or files that I NEEDED to keep, I figured I would try erasing the hard drive and just reinstalling the OS.

The entire process took about 45 minutes and my Air runs as fast as the day I bought it. The way I look at it, I just saved myself a couple of grand.

So, before you decide to chuck that computer or just buy another one... try doing what I did. You will save yourself some money and not be frustrated with a slow computer.

Just remember to back up the files and the programs you want to save. Once you hit that erase button, there is no turning back.

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