A Very Cool Siri Trick

When Apple first released Siri i have to say...it kind of sucked.


Siri never understood half the stuff you were saying and she made more mistakes than getting it right.

But, when IOS6 came out Siri was the biggest upgrade. I use Siri all the time to write texts and emails and while Siri isn't perfect, it is soooo much better than before.

Siri can do a bunch of things and it seems like everyday I find something new I can do with Siri. The latest thing I found Siri can do is really cool.

One day I was on the golf course (imagine that) and a Southwest Plane was flying over head. I asked Siri "What Planes are above me right now?"

And to my surprise Siri listed all the planes above me with their flight numbers. It was amazing! She even gave the tail numbers of the small private planes and tells you exactly where they are above you.

Not sure you really need this information, but you have to admit it's kind of cool.

Do you have any cool Siri stories or Tech Tips? Pass them along to me and I will share them with other FTVLive readers. 

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