Mini Me


When Apple first introduced the iPad, I thought "Hey that's kind of cool!" But I never really thought I would use it.

I have a couple of desktop computers and a MacBook Air, I figured I really didn't need the iPad. Yet, the first day it went on sale I was in line at the Apple Store buying the first gen iPad.

I bought the WiFi only version because that was all they offered on day 1.

I will say that years later, I use my iPad each and everyday. Most often when I go to bed at night, I use my iPad to surf the web, check email and see what's up on Twitter. I also read all my books on the iPad.

When I decided to take FTVLive from a pay site to a free site, I changed the way I upload stories. I could now do so from my iPad and I thought it was time for an upgrade.

I knew I wanted cellular on my new iPad, because then I could update FTVLive from anywhere and not just from a WiFi hot spot.

I then figured since I would be taking the iPad just about everywhere, the smaller the better.

I decided that the iPad Mini was the right choice for me.

It's been 3 weeks since I got my iPad Mini and I can say it was the right choice. The Mini is perfect size to let me get my work done and have a bigger screen than my iPhone.


I added a Zagg bluetooth keyboard and it's almost like having a very small laptop and I don't have to wait for it to boot up. I never turn my Mini off. The stand by time on the iPad is awesome. 

The iPad Mini is much faster than my original iPad and a hell of a lot lighter.

The screen is perfect size and I love the form factor. The battery last forever and that's good thing, since there are many days I forget to charge it up.

If you're looking for an iPad, you can't go wrong with the Mini.

Good things do come in small packages.

By the way FTVLive is giving away a free iPad Mini to one of you. If you want to be entered to win it....Just Go Here

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